Red Lobster Coupons

19 Aug, 2017

Red Lobster Coupons 2015.

You can often net yourself a discount or a free appetizer or dessert at Red Lobster, if you stay up-to-date with the latest promotions.

You can find the latest coupons, deals, freebies and coupon codes right here on this page, and in the comment section below.

The Red Lobster menu is famous mainly for excellent seafood, and if you want to browse it, then head over to our Red Lobster menu page here: Red Lobster Menu.

This page is updated every month, as new deals and promotions are rolled out. Most deals expire quickly, so please check in here regularly for the latest deals.

Red Lobster coupons and deals:

Any discount  is welcomed by seafood fans,  as seafood is not the cheapest of foods.
A typical Red Lobster printable coupons offer is for a free dessert or appetizer, but  you can also receive for 2-for-1 coupon offers, if you join their Red Lobster club Email Club.

Occasionally, the company  also issues Red Lobster promo codes, which must be entered online at their website, but these are becoming rare.

Join The Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club:

Joining is easy and it is 100% free. Just go to and sign up, and you will receive offers in your email inbox.

By joining the Fresh catch club you will get:

  • A birthday gift. Minimum 7 days before your actual birthday, however.
  • Red Lobster printable coupons.
  • Alerts about special Red Lobster promotions and events.


To see the full Red Lobster Menu, please visit our page Red Lobster Prices.

The Red Lobster home page is here.

Please post coupon codes or new deals in the comment section if you come across any Red Lobster deals, that have not already been posted.

-Red Lobster coupons and deals 2015-2016-

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  1. The new Birthday deal is for $5 Off 2 Entrees with Red Lobster Email Sign Up.
    Sign Up For Red Lobster’s Email Club & you receive a $5 Off 2 Entrees coupon Emailed to your email inbox during the month of your birthday. Must sign up 7 Days Prior To Your Birthday.

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  2. Get a 4 Course Feast For $18.99.
    This limited time offer is for a Soup, Salad, Dessert & 1 of 9 Entrees For Just $18.99. You typically save 8-10$.

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  3. Great Tip: Save 6% to 25% on red lobster gift cards by bying them from 3rd party giftcard resellers.

    A great gift card aggregator site is:


    or try www.

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  4. Great deal: Any 2 Shrimp Dishes for $12.99. Choose any 2 Shrimp Dishes for just $12.99 among 9 New & Classic Recipes. Excellent offer right now!

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  5. The Red Lobster 4 course feast for just 15$ has returned to great applause! You will get a soup, a salad, a dessert and 1 of 7 different deserts for just 15 $. Get you little behind down to Redlobster now!

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  6. Great offer on Red Lobsters Facebook page on 7th june 2012: Get $5 OFF two adult dinner entrées, including the Four Course Seafood Feast, by signing up on Facebook: www

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