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Restaurant Menus, Coupons and Surveys.

List of all coupon codes, restarant menus, surveys and deals for Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns Pizza, plus menus and specials for America’s favourites restaurant chains.

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News –  Get Free Coupons From Restaurant Surveys.

Restaurant Surveys has become an extremely popular way for restaurant and pizza chains to engage and retain their customers in recent years.

The surveys is a win-win for customers and corporations alike: The chains get valuable information and feedback from their visitors, and customers usually get a coupon for a free burger, meal or side, for their time.

A survey takes  few minutes to fill out and the coupon will be issued in the form of a coupon code. See the list of Surveys above, by searching for ‘Survey’.

Pizza Hut Coupons.

Pizza Hut Inc. is the largest pizza chain in America, so we have dedicated 2 pages to Pizza Hut coupons, a page for Pizza Hut Coupon codes and a page for Pizza Hut Deals, which explains in details about the main deals and promotions from Pizza Hut.

We do, however, offer coupon codes and tips for several other pizza companies, as well. If you are looking for a particular restaurant chain, you can use the navigation bar on the side of this page.

See Pizza Hut coupon codes here: Pizza Hut coupon codes.

Papa Johns Coupons.

Or if you prefer Papa johns, simply click on the Papa John’s Coupons page, to see the latest coupons for Papa John’s Pizza.

See Papa Johns coupons here: Papa Johns promo codes.

Dominos Coupons.

For the most recent Domino’s coupon codes, simply visit the page Domino’s Coupon Codes.

See Dominos coupons here: Dominos coupon codes.

As a general rule, you will find that pizza companies are extremely generous with their printable coupons. You will often be able to find promotions that offer “2 for 1” from the largest pizza restaurant chains; these can be found in your local newspaper and in direct mailings you receive (be sure to check your mail).

You can also find these coupons on the home pages and Facebook pages of the particular company. Most of these companies also offer a multitude of coupon codes, to be used exclusively online, at the company’s own website. It is often necessary to enter these codes just before you check out. These particular coupons are for online purchases only, or when ordering your food in advance, before visiting the restaurant. Be sure to see our coupon code pages for the most recent promotional codes.

It can be more difficult to find printable coupons and codes for mainstream family restaurants like Applebee’s and Olive Garden, but be sure to check our pages for the most recent discounts and promotions.

Mobile coupons have become more popular during the past year, although many restaurant chains, as a general rule, have been slow to begin using this particular kind of promotional tool.

Please see the comment section on the individual pages for the latest coupon codes.

Thank you for visitting Please add any new restaurant deals, specials and coupons in the comment part below each page.

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  1. Papa Murphys Printable Coupons for 2015 says:

    Papa Murphys Printable Coupons for 2015:
    Save 50% Off Your Second Pizza.
    See coupons at: Ends 5/27/2015. Ends 6/01/2015.

  2. Get Large Papa Johns Pizzas for just $9.99 says:

    Papa Johns have upped their game: Get Large Papa Johns Pizzas for just $9.99 (normal price is $16)

    All Large Pizzas are Just $9.99, Including Specialty Pizzas!
    You can officially only use this code Monday-Wednesday, but some of our users have reported that it worked on Friday and Saurdays, as well. Enter the code 1st in the code box above the menu, and then the system will take you to a page to select your pizza. Valid at participating locations only.
    Use the coupon code: 999ewm

  3. Pizza Hut 10$ Box Special says:

    The Pizza Hut 10$ Box Deal is one of the best deals at Pizza Hut. Bought separately, the items come to more than 22$! You can get a 1-Topping rectangular Medium Pizza, 5 Breadsticks with Marinara & 10 Cinnamon Sticks for $10.

    Sometimes your local Pizza Hut will offer the deal without a code, even though other areas require a promo code to get the special price.
    If you need a promotional code, then use this: 10BOX

    You can also often get deal by clicking on the $10 Dinner Box link in the Deals section of, but extra charges for delivery and minimum purchase requirements may vary.

  4. Get Free Breadsticks at Pizza Hut says:

    Get Free Breadsticks with normal priced Large Pizza Purchase.
    You have to add the breadsticks to your pizza Hut Cart and enter the code at checkout: EEOFREESTICKSWPIZZA
    Valid at participating locations only.

  5. Pizza Hut coupon codes 2015: 2 Medium Pizzas,4 Toppings, $6.99 Each says:

    Another great Pizza Hut coupon code for 2015: Get 2 Medium Pizzas with 4 Total Toppings For just $6.99 Each
    Coupon Code: MDY70

  6. Large Pizza Hut pizza with 5 toppings for 11$ says:

    Get any medium or large Pizza Hut pizza with up to 5 toppings or a specialty pizza for just $11. Valid for a limited time
    Use the promo code: ELEVENONLINE

  7. Free Breadsticks at Pizza Hut with a Large Pizza Order says:

    Free Breadsticks at Pizza Hut with a Large Pizza Purchase.
    You now add free breadsticks to your order, if you order a menu priced large pizza.
    Use the promo code: EEOFREESTICKSWPIZZA

  8. Pizza Hut promo code for 2014 and 2015: 8$ Large Pizza says:

    Buy a Large 1-Topping Pizza at Pizza Hut for just $8 with this coupon code:

  9. New 25% OFF Papa Johns promo code for 2014 says:

    Get 25% OFF online at Papa Johns Pizza
    This new code expires 12/31/2014.
    Use the Papa Johns coupon code: TRUENORTH

  10. 25% off Papa Johns coupon 2014 through 2015 says:

    Papa Johns Pizza has a great long-running 25% off deal, valid through 3/31/2015.
    Offer valid at participating U.S. locations.
    Use the promo code: RETAIL25
    to get 25% off regular priced menu items.
    Online offer only.

  11. PizzaHut Medium Pizza promo code 2014 says:

    Great PizzaHut promo code deal right now:
    Buy 2 Medium 3-Topping Pizzas For $5.99 Each with the use off coupon code: EEO2MD3T599
    Valid at participating Restaurants only.

  12. Pizza Hut Geo Codes says:

    Two GEO-codes:

    50% Off At Manhattan Locations:
    Get 50% Off at Manhattan locations any day after the Yankees Score 6 Runs.
    Code: YANKEE6
    Expiry date unknown.

    Get 40% Off Pizza In The Metro Phoenix Area.
    Details: Save 40% on Pizza order. For metro Phoenix locations. Ends 12/31/14.
    Code: UMOM

  13. Pizza Hut Lovers Line Pizza deal! says: strikes again with a red hot “Lovers Line” Pizza deal!
    Use the PizzaHut Promo Code: EEO2LOVERS1750
    and get Pepperoni, Meat, Ultimate Cheese, or Veggie Lovers PizzaHut Pizzas for just $8.75 Each.

  14. Pizza Hut Medium Pizza 40-50% off! says:

    NEW Superb Pizza Hut deal:
    Grt 1 Medium 3-Topping Pizza For just $6.
    Use Coupon Code: TEOMED3T6
    Online Only and only at Participating Pizza Hut Restaurants.

  15. Papa Johns 25% off Pizza Coupons 2014 says:

    New 25% off coupon code at PapaJohns online.
    Use Papa Johns promo code: PCN25
    To get 25% off your pizza order.

  16. Papa John Bonus Points coupons 2014 says:

    Get 25 Bonus Reward Points for Papa Johns Bonus Program, good for a free Pizza on your next $15+ Order.
    Just by using the coupon code: STATS
    Code Expires 4/7/14.

  17. New Pizza Hut coupon code 2014 says:

    New Pizza Hut coupon code for 2014:
    Just $9 For Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings
    with the Coupon Code: ONLG9
    Offer Ends 03/31/2014

  18. Pizza Coupons says:

    NEW 2014 Papa Johns coupon Cde: 25% Off Regular-Price orders
    with PapaJohns Coupon Code: PEPSI25

  19. Papa Johns Super Bowl Free Pizza says:

    Papa Johns Super Bowl Free Pizza! Go to Papa John’ and make an order of $15.99 between now and SuperBowl Sunday. You’ll then receive a free pizza at a later date!

  20. Pizza Hut coupon got for Large Pizza! says:

    Pizza Hut coupon got for Large Pizza!
    Get a Large 3 Topping Pizza For $7.99
    Use Code: EEOLG3TOP799

  21. Pizza Hut Coupon code -Large 2-Topping Stuffed Crust Pizza says:

    Pizza Hut Coupon for Large 2-Topping Stuffed Crust Pizza For $10
    Code: EEO2TSTUFFED10.
    Get a Large 2-Topping Stuffed Crust Pizza for Only $10.

  22. Pizza Coupons says:

    Papa Johns new coupon code for 2014:
    Get 25% Off your PapaJohns Order online with this coupon code: mad25

  23. Pizza Coupons says:

    Dominos Charity Meal Deal For $19.99!
    Heres how you eat well and warm someones heart at the same time!

    Get One Medium 1-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza, 16 Piece Parmesan Bread Bites,, One Medium 1-Topping Hand Tossed Pizza, 2-Liter of Coca-Cola, and a $1 Donation to the St Jude Childrens Hospital for $19.99.
    Use Dominos coupon code: 9186

  24. Dominos Coupon offer 2014 says:

    Great Dominos Knockout offer!
    Choose Any of these 2 items For $5.99 Each!
    Choose Any 2 or More: Medium 2-Topping Pizza, 8-piece Chicken,, Oven Baked Sandwich, Stuffed Cheesy Bread, or Pasta in a Dish For Just $5.99 Each.
    Use this Dominos coupon code for 2014: 9193
    Not valid in all locations, however!

  25. Pizza Coupons says:

    Pizza Hut coupon code 2014:
    Large 2-Topping Stuffed Crust Pizza For $10.
    Coupon code: EEO2TSTUFFED10

  26. Pizza Coupons says:

    $9 Pizza Hut Pizzas Online!
    Get Any Pizza, Any Size for Just $9. Cheesy crust not included. Pizza Hut coupon code 2014: 9ANY

  27. Pizza Coupons says:

    Pizza Hut Coupon Code for Large 3-Topping Pizza For $7.99
    Get a Large 3-Topping Pizza for just $7.99.
    PizzaHut Coupon Code:EEOLG3TOP799

  28. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get Free printable Olive Garden To-go coupons: 5$ coupon and 15$ coupons here: www.

  29. Pizza Coupons says:

    Lots of printable coupons available for Desember at Chili`s:

  30. Pizza Coupons says:

    Free Chilis 10$ Bonus card when you buy 50$ worth of gift cards:

  31. Pizza Coupons says:

    3 Medium 3 Topping Pizzas For $21
    Code: POST3M

  32. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get 25% Off Regular Price Menu Items. Only for Delivery and carryout. Expires 12/31/2013. Papa Johns Promo code: SAVE25

  33. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get a Free Pizza On Your Next Order When You Spend $15 or More. Must be a Papa Rewards Member. Expires on 11/10/2013. Promo code: GOOD

  34. Pizza Coupons says:

    New working Papa Johns promo code:
    Get 25% Off Regular Menu Price with this code: PNC25
    Expires 02/28/2014.

  35. Pizza Coupons says:

    New Papa Johns promo code:
    Get 50% Off Any Large Pizza At Regular Price
    Papa Johns Coupon Code: TRAC50
    Ends 09/30/2013

  36. Pizza Coupons says:

    New Pizza Hut coupon codes:

    20% Off the whole Pizza Hut site:
    Pizza Hut Coupon Code: 20PCT913
    Take 20% Off Your Entire Online Order. Expires 9/15/13.

    2 Large Pizzas + Pizza Hut Breadsticks For $20
    Pizza Hut Coupon Code: SPIRIT
    Get 1 Large 3-topping Pizza, 1 Large 1-topping Pizza & 5 Breadsticks For Just $20

    $9 Pizzas Sitewide
    Pizza Hut Coupon Code: 9ANY
    Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings for Just $9. Online Only. Valid through 10/26/2013.

  37. Pizza Coupons says:

    New Dominos coupon codes:
    2 Medium Pizzas + Bread Bites + CinnaStix + 2 Liter For $19.99
    Coupon code:9183

    Medium 2-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza For $7.99
    Coupon code:9184

    Large 3-Topping Pizza For $7.99 – Carryout Only
    Domino’s: Monday-Thursday only!

  38. Pizza Coupons says:

    New Dominos Coupon code: 9193

    Choose Any 2 or More: Medium 2-Topping Pizza, Oven Baked Sandwich, Stuffed Cheesy Bread, 8-piece Chicken, or Pasta in a Dish For Just $5.99 Each with this coupon code.

  39. Pizza Coupons says:

    Free PapaJohns Large Pizza On Your Next Order!
    Promo Code for Papa Johns:TOUCHDOWN
    Get A Free Large Pizza with on a Future Order When You Spend $15 or More. Ends 9/15/2013

  40. Pizza Coupons says:

    Ongoing PapaJohns promo codes:

    Coupon Code:25OFF
    Papa Johns: Take 25% Off Any Regular Menu Price Online Order.

    Large Pizza + 2 Liter For $10
    Coupon Code:POST2L
    Papa Johns: Get A Large 1 Topping Pizza & A 2 Liter Drink For Just $10.

    Coupon Code:VISA25
    Papa Johns: Save 25% Off Your Entire Order of Regular-Price Items. Enter code before starting check out.

  41. LANDO says:

    Great deals! Here’s another for the Hut:
    “5BUCKS” = 5 bucks off or “5OFF” ! ! :>

  42. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get Any Pizza Hut pizza For $9
    Coupon Code:LG9
    Get Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings for Just $9. Online Only. Excludes Cheesy Crust Pizza. Expires 7/6/13.

  43. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get 2-LITER & BREADSTICKS FOR $5 with any pizza!
    Add a 2-Liter Pepsi & Breadsticks to your $10 Any Pizza for Just $5 More

  44. Pizza Coupons says:

    Great offer from Pizza Hut: The 50 CENT WING WEDNESDAY SALE!
    Get Your Pizza Hut Wings for Just 50 Cents Every Wednesday. Choose from 8 flavors and 3 different styles. Limited time offer. Wingalicious!

  45. Pizza Coupons says:

    Papa Murphys Pizza has just released a coupon for a FREE Mini Murph Pizza Kit! Nice little extra. See the Papa Murphys coupon page for more info.

  46. Pizza Coupons says:

    Great ungoing deal at Pizza Hut: The $10 DINNER BOX SALE!
    Dinner Box includes 1 medium one topping Pizza, 5 Breadsticks with marinara + 10 cinnamon sticks with icing, all for just 10$!

  47. Pizza Coupons says:

    Dominos Pizza are back: Get 50% off on ALL Dominos pizzas at menu prices from 11-17 june 2012.

  48. Pizza Coupons says:

    Papa Johns coupons delivers a knockout punch: 50% OFF ENTIRE ORDER
    with this Papa Johns Coupon Code: EXPRESS
    Expires 06/04/12.

  49. Pizza Coupons says:

    Dominos strikes back: RECEIVE A LARGE THREE TOPPING PIZZA at
    Dominos, Monday – Wednesday: just for $7.99

  50. Pizza Coupons says:

    Right now, limited time only: ANY PIZZA, ANY SIZE, ANY TOPPINGS FOR ONLY $10 at PIZZAHUT.COM. Great deal.

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