Starbucks Hidden Menu – How to order

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The Starbucks Hidden Menu – How to order.

Starbucks Hidden Menu - Popular Drinks

Starbucks Hidden Menu – Popular Drinks

How to order from the Starbucks Hidden Menu.

Ordering is easy, simply askat the counter, if they do your chosen drink. Again, some coffee stores may think that a “Captain Crunch Frappuccino” means just a single added pump or two of toffee nut to a Strawberries and Creme frappuccino.¬†Other stores may think it means to add a combination of toffee nut, chocolate and hazelnut flavours. ¬†Other baristas will never have heard of it, so make sure you have a smartphone handy with the exact recipe, that you want.

Please, never get angry at a Barista for not knowing the exact secret menu drink, that you are requesting. Nothing irritates Starbucks workers more than a customer, who demands something from the secret menu, but who has no idea what goes in it.

The barista will always be willing to make the drink for you, if you’re willing to pay the cost of adding all the modifiers to the drink.

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