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24 Jun, 2024

Papa Johns Promo Codes.

What is Papa John’s Pizza?

For anyone who loves pizza, Papa John’s is a name that is very familiar. Most have already tried Papa John’s pizza and found them to be amazing and very good value.

In the United States, the third largest pizza restaurant chain is Papa John’s pizza. Only Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizza are larger than Papa John’s pizza. The headquarters for Papa John’s is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Papa John’s pizza has more than 3300 outlets and restaurants around the world, which include over 2600 in the United States.

Papa John’s pizza was founded by John Schnatter. John sold his car in 1984, so he could buy out the co-owner of a bar that he worked in. He immediately began to serve pizza to his always hungry customers. This was the beginning and birth of the business empire.

The phenomenal growth of Papa John’s is due to the use of high quality products and great customer service. Papa John’s focuses on a simple menu of high quality. This is in contrast to most other pizza chains that put their focus only on low prices. By offering fewer crust styles and keeping a simple menu, inventory management is simplified and quality control is much easier to maintain. However, in recent years, Papa John’s has kept up with the times and expanded its menu options. You can now find thin-crust pizzas, whole wheat crust pizzas, and pan pizzas as well. There have been 10 specially pizzas added to the menu, several with new toppings. The Papa John’s menu, also now includes breadsticks, desserts, and chicken wings in four different flavors.

Papa Johns Pizza Menu Innovations.

Papa John’s was among the first pizza chains to introduce a dipping sauce of garlic butter, with every order of their original pizza. Further innovations included having Pepperoncini, and traditional Italian spice which were newly added to the menu.

One of their most important changes occurred in January 2002. In the United States customers were allowed to order online for the first time. Papa John’s was the first US pizza chain to offer this ordering method. Papa John’s is known throughout the industry as the developer of the most advanced resource and inventory control system yet seen.

The marketing department of Papa John’s pizza hit a home run in 2010, when they encouraged customers to design their own pizza and submit their recipe to Papa John’s for the spectacular products; the winner received pizza for life. The specialty pizza that won the contents is the Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Papa John’s has a corporate slogan which is “Better Ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s”.

If you have never heard of the Papa John’s brand, or are not familiar with the brand, take a look at this short video from Papa John, himself; you will be glad you did.

Papa Johns Coupons.

There are two types of Papa John’s pizza coupons. You can find promo codes or printable Papa John’s coupons.

You are most likely familiar with printable coupons. These coupons often come in discount flyers through the mail, or are sometimes found in your local newspaper to be cut out by those who enjoy coupon clipping. You can then present your coupon at a Papa John’s restaurant and receive a buy one and get one free deal, for example, with the coupon. This allows you to get a free pizza as soon as you check out. Look below to see examples of this kind of coupon.

Papa Johns Promo Codes.

Promo codes and coupon codes work differently than a coupon. These codes are almost always used online, and are used by typing them into a code box that is provided for the promotional code when you check out at Papa John’s own website.

We’ve added some of the most recent promo codes below. Please understand that it is not possible to combine promo codes with a physical coupon, and that only one code can be used for each purchase.

Expiration dates must also be adhered to. If the expiration date has passed, the offer or discount is not valid and you should search for another offer. Most offers are valid for approximately 2 months, which is why we update this website with the newest Papa John’s deals approximately every two months.

If you visit, you can usually find some good recurring deals. Just as an example, at the time of this writing, there is an offer for One Large Double Layered Premium Pepperoni or Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza for just $11. There is also a favorite deal for the USO MEAL DEAL, which is two Large One-Topping Pizzas for just $20.

If you are looking for Papa John’s promo codes in particularly , you are already at the right place; the most popular promo codes can be found below.

Papa Johns promo codes and papa johns Coupons

Papa Johns promo codes: Coupons like these CANNOT be combined with a Papa Johns promo code found on this site. Use 1 method or the other for your discounts.


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  1. Marco says:

    You can use the promo code MC150 in Charlotte, NC FOR 50% off your order online. This code is good through 6/28/15.

  2. $9.99 for Large Pizzas says:

    $9.99 Large Pizzas promo code.

    Early Week Mania – All Large Pizzas are Just $9.99, Including Specialty Pizzas!
    You can officially only use this code Monday-Wednesday, but some of our users have reported that it worked on Friday and Saurdays, as well. Enter the code 1st in the code box above the menu, and then the system will take you to a page to select your pizza. Valid at participating locations only.
    Use the code: 999ewm

  3. Coupons & Menus Admin says:

    Buy a Large 2-topping Pizza For just $10 with this Papa Johns coupon code.
    Use the code: P5LG2

  4. 25% Off Papa Johns coupon code for 2015 says:

    25% Off Entire Menu At Regular Price
    Get 25% off Entire Menu at Regular Price. Expires on 12/31/2015.
    Use promo code: JB25

  5. Kris says:

    In Florida from May 4th through May 10th, 2015 for teachers appreciation week you will get 50% off your order with promo code: THANKYOUEDU.

  6. 25% Off Papa Johns coupon code for 2015 says:

    Get 25% Off Regular Menu priced orders with the coupon code: PENSKE25

  7. New Papa Johns deal: Free Pizza On $15+ Orders says:

    Get a Free Pizza On $15+ Orders. Order $15 or more online now & get a free pizza later. Expires on 04/06/2015. You have to wait 24 hours before you can claim the free pizza. Code cannot be used multiple times. Works with Papa Rewards online only: Get a free 3 topping pizza on next order, when you use the code: LAYUP

  8. Get 2 Large Papa Johns Pizzas For Just $9.99 Each says:

    Any Two Large Pizzas For Just $9.99 Each. Expires 3/29/15
    Use the promotional code: TXT327

  9. Buy 1 Large Papa Johns Specialty Pizza For $12.99. says:

    Buy 1 Large Specialty Pizza For just $12.99.
    Papa Johns discount code: LSPEC1299
    Expires on 03/15/2015.

  10. Tampa Bay area only Papa Johns 50% off discount code says:

    Get 50% Off Papa Johns Pizza In Tampa, Florida Area the day after a Tampa Bay Lightning Victory.
    Use the promo code at checkout: slapshot50

  11. Get 2-Medium 2-topping For $12.99 at PapaJohns says:

    Use the code: T224MED
    Get 2-Medium 2-topping for $12.99. Expires on 02/27/2015

  12. 50% off Papa Johns coupon code February 2015 says:

    1 day only 50% off Papa Johns coupon code:
    Get 50% Off Large And Extra Large Pizzas
    Code: UNI50
    Expires on 02/26/2015.

  13. Papa Johns early week special: $9.99 Large Pizzas says:

    Get $9.99 Large Pizzas at Papa Johns on Monday – Wednesday Only.
    Early Week Special – All Large Pizzas are $9.99, Including Specialty Pizzas! Valid at participating locations and only valid Monday through Wednesday!
    Use the coupon code: 999ewn

  14. Free cookie at PapaJohns in 2015 says:

    Free Cookie at Papa Johns with a large or extra large Pizza.
    Only works with regular prices pizzas. Expires 6/30/15.
    Use the code: school1415

  15. Papa Johns coupon code 2015: 25% Off Entire order says:

    Get 25% Off Entire Regular priced order (not just for pizzas)
    Valid in US and Canada. Expires on 01/31/2015.
    Use the PapaJohns coupons code: mcmullen

  16. 50% Off Papa Johns Coupons code for Iowa says:

    1 Day Only! 50% Off Large And Extra Large Pizzas in Iowa.
    The code is good for all Papa John’s stores in Iowa. Ends 01/05/2015
    Use the promo code: UNI50

  17. Papa Johns coupons 2015: FREE Large One Topping Pizza says:

    Offer: FREE Large One Topping Pizza.
    Get a FREE large one topping pizza, when you buy ANY large pizza (select locations only). Limited time only.

  18. 25% Off Papa Johns promotional code for 2014 and 2015 says:

    Another 25% Off Papa Johns promotional code for Regular Menu Priced Items.
    Get an extra 25% off your order. Online offer only. Expires 3/31/15.
    Use the promo code: RETAIL25

  19. Get 25% OFF Regular Price Menu items at PapaJohns says:

    Another 25% OFF Entire Regular Price Menu code.
    This one expires 12/31/14.
    For online order at only.
    Use the coupon code: TRUENORTH

  20. Get 2 Medium 2-Topping Pizzas + Cheesesticks for $16. says:

    Get 2 Medium 2-Topping Pizzas Plus 10 inch Cheesesticks Or Breadsticks For just $16.
    This is an Online only offer. Expires on 11/17/2014.
    Use the code: F1114MBC

  21. Get Two Large Pizzas For just $10 Each in November 2014 says:

    Get Two Large Pizzas For just $10 Each.
    Get Two Large Pizzas with up to 5 toppings for just $10 each. Deal expires on 11/16/2014.
    Use the code: TXT1114

  22. 25% Off Papa Johns Promo code 2014 and 2015 says:

    25% Off Regular PapaJohns Menu Items.

    Get an extra 25% off your order! Valid through 3/31/15.
    Offer valid at participating U.S. locations.
    Promo Code: RETAIL25
    Online offer only. Expires 3/31/15.

  23. 40% Off Papa Johns Coupon code October 2014 says:

    40% Off Large Regularly Priced Papa Johns Pizzas.
    Save 40% on all large, regularly priced pizzas. Valid at participating locations.

    Use the Pcode: OCT40
    Expires 10/26/2014.

  24. Papa Johns Chicken Wings coupon 2014 says:

    Get 8 Wings For Only $5, Any Style,
    with this Papa Johns Coupon Code: T401WNG

  25. 24% off at papaJohns online says:

    New 25% off coupon code at PapaJohns online.
    Use Papa Johns promo code: PCN25
    To get 25% off your pizza order.

  26. Papa John Bonus Points coupon 2014 says:

    Get 25 Bonus Reward Points for Papa Johns Bonus Program. This is good for 1 free Pizza on your next $15+ Order.
    Coupon code: STATS
    Code Expires 4/7/14.

  27. Pizza Coupons says:

    NEW Papa Johns coupon Code for 2014: Get 25% Off Regular-Price orders with PapaJohns Coupon Code: PEPSI25

  28. Papa Johns Super Bowl Deal! says:

    Papa Johns Super Bowl Deal! Head over to Papa John’s and make an order of $15.99 between now and SuperBowl Sunday. You’ll then receive a free pizza at a later date!

  29. Papa Johns Promo Codes 2014 says:

    Get 25% Off your Order online with this coupon code: mad25

  30. Papa Johns Promo Codes 2014 says:

    25% Off at PapaJohns on Regular Price Menu Items.
    Valid for delivery and carryout only.
    Expires 12/31/2013.
    Use Papa Johns promo code:SAVE25

  31. Pizza Coupons says:

    25% Off Regular Menu Price
    Use Promo Code:PNC25
    Expires 02/28/2014.

  32. Pizza Coupons says:

    2 Medium 2Topping Pizzas for $15
    Use Coupon Code:2MED15
    Expires 10/31/2013.

  33. Pizza Coupons says:

    2-Liter for $2
    Papa Johns Promo Code:22LTR
    Expires 10/31/2013.

  34. Pizza Coupons says:

    Medium Pizza + 2-Liter for $10. Expires 10/31/2013.
    Coupon Code:10MED2LTR

    2 Medium 2-Topping Pizzas for $15. Expires 10/31/2013.
    Coupon Code:2MED15

  35. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get a Family-size Chocolate Chip Cookie for $5 with any Pizza purchase.
    Use coupon code:

    Expires on 10/27/2013.

  36. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get a Large pizza With Up to 3 Toppings for Just $10.
    Use the promo code: 3T10

  37. Pizza Coupons says:

    Get a Large pizza With Up to 3 Toppings for Just $10.
    Use the promo ocde: 3T10

  38. Pizza Coupons says:

    PapaJohns promo code:
    Get 50% Off Any Large Pizza At Regular Price
    Papa Johns Coupon Code: TRAC50
    Ends 09/30/2013

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